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Outstanding university admissions

Without the right advice it’s difficult to make the best decisions about university admissions. Only those people with years of first hand experience of the system help you stand head and shoulders above the rest. Whether you are

Innovative thinking

Knowing the facts is good. Using those facts to provide creative solutions and see problems in a new way is outstanding. We equip students with the thinking skills to stand out and get the outcomes they need.

English at its best

International English unlocks opportunities around the globe. Whether you want to get the best jobs around the world, study in the UK, Australia, Canada or the USA or you simply want to travel, our bespoke




Anna has worked in education for almost two decades. Following her own education at the University of Cambridge she has worked both in the UK and internationally as a primary and secondary school teacher before moving into education management and teacher training.


Anna has developed and delivered training in curriculum management, assessment, adaptive lesson planning and delivery and using IT to maximise..



Cairo has taken an interest in education at every step of her career. As an advertising executive in China she developed a deep understanding of the power of communication across cultural boundaries and has carried this into her work around the world.

Cairo is fluent in four languages and has taught on three continents. Cairo is a highly sought after language teacher currently working at some of the best schools in her area. As a founder of a successful school, she has extensive experience both of education