About Us

At Dearden Education we believe in changing lives through education.
We work with a team of consultants and staff lead by our Senior Consultants.

Anna has worked in education for almost two decades. Following her own education at the University of Cambridge she has worked both in the UK and internationally as a primary and secondary school teacher before moving into education management and teacher training.


Anna has developed and delivered training in curriculum management, assessment, adaptive lesson planning and delivery and using IT to maximise classroom interaction. Anna has also worked with schools to develop their teacher assessment and continuing professional


Anna is passionate about the power of a good education to change lives and boost careers. She works with individuals, schools and universities to ensure students get the best possible university place as well as delivering training in high quality international English and thinking skills. development for teachers and ensure high quality outcomes for all students.

Cairo has taken an interest in education at every step of her career. As an advertising executive in China she developed a deep understanding of the power of communication across cultural boundaries and has carried this into her work around the world.


Cairo is fluent in four languages and has taught on three continents. Cairo is a highly sought after language teacher currently working at some of the best schools in her area. As a founder of a successful school, she has extensive experience both of education delivery and management. She believes the keys to success lie in helping everyone access their true potential by applying creative thinking to their learning and honing their communication skills so they can really get their point across.


As well as teaching languages in the UK, Cairo specialises in teaching International English and Thinking Skills around the globe and enjoys using cutting edge teaching practice to enable learners to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Education is the foundation of success. But how do we make sure that we get the right education we need for a bright future?


Those who get the right support to extend their learning and make the best educational choices ultimately have an unfair advantage over those who don’t.


The question is, do you want that kind of support and who will give it to you?


Dearden Education was founded out of the deep belief in the life changing power of education. We are experts at what we do. With years of experience in elite skills training and outstanding educational advice, we have the capacity to change the lives of the students we teach and advise.


Whether it is getting the right seat at the best university for them or polishing their English to ensure they always get their point across, we help students around the globe to come first and be the best they can be.