Applying for university in the UK? We can help.

Students applying to study in the UK from abroad often don’t get a university place to match their grades. Why? Because the most comprehensive advice on your application is usually only available to UK students.


But now that is changing. Dearden Education offers the outstanding personal support and advice you need to help you get the university place you deserve, and enjoy doing it.

Tailor made support

We will take time to listen to you and understand the detail of your situation before we start. We will then provide a personalised programme of support designed to meet your specific needs and deliver the outcome you want.

Premium service

You will be guided by an experienced senior consultant with outstanding skills and personal knowledge of the UK education sector.

UK Based Consultants

Codebliss works exclusively with UK based consultants to provide all the advantages which local students have in a package which works perfectly for where you live.